3-days PROSTHESTIC-PRACTICAL monographic course

“You have the knowledge, acquire the experience with live patients”


    - Implement the protocols of implants restoration in a step by step fashion.

    - Take preliminar and final impressions in a simple and effective way.

    - Take records, face-bow transfer and occlusal registrations, for semi-adjustable articulator mounting.

    - Accelerate the learning curve from the theory to the restoration of implants in a regular basis at your office.

    - Create conscience of “Prosthetically Guided Implantology”.


    The use of osseointegrated implants to replace missing teeth has become a major restorative option in today´s dentistry. It is important to know the different prosthetic options, as well as to be familiarize with the different prosthetic attachments that are used in every clinical scenarios.

    Likewise it is important to be continuously updating all of these concepts, since the technical evolution and actual knowledge of the biology reactions to all of actual implant systems. Every time, new bone protocols are proposed for the restoration of the integrated implants.

    Selection of the patient:

    Completely or partially edentulous patients that have received oseointegrated implants for its rehabilitation, in the SURGICAL monographic course, selecting one of the different restorative protocols.

    Address to:

    General practitioners with experience in implant restoration or professionals with the suitable theoretical formation but lacks in the practical skills that want to extend its knowledge and workmanship in the field of the implant restoration.


    – Be a certified dentist.

    – Possess legal liability (malpractice) insurance.

    The program includes:

    – All the materials and the patients to be restored.

    – Assistance certificate.

    – 24  CE credits. AGD-PACE Approval

    –Course hand-out.

    – Scientific articles.

    – Breakfast and lunch. 

    3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (dates to be determinated)

    The implants placed in the 3-days surgical seminars will be restored by the same doctors who have placed them except if they are foreigners, that in those particular cases, patients will restore in this course.

    Dr Ramón L. Banchs Sandoval, the Director of the Program.

    Dr Gilberto Torres, Diagnosis, Oral Medicine and Prosthesis.

    Dr Pedro Chéverez, Integral Oral Rehabilitation.

    Sr José M. Ortiz Rodríguez, Administration.


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    • 1 week, 3 days


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